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Who we are

Maisey Daisey ltd is a small family run business, founded through our passion for our rescue dogs and wanting to give back to the rescue community. We have Maisey a Bucovina Shepherd, Winnie a Mioritic Shepherd Cross, Lenny a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Reggie a Staffy Cane Corso Cross.
The inspiration came from our big girl Maisey Daisey. Being a giant breed we struggled finding a bed that was suitable for her. Being a rescue Maisey had multiple needs following an accident. So we needed to find a bed that was suitable for her bad and also take the weight off her joints and help with circulation. Plus she's a heavy double coated girl who needs hydrotherapy. It takes 24 hours to dry her, so the bed also needed to be waterproof.
So we worked with British manufacturers to create the perfect bed for her and the collection has grown from there. Sourcing beds that meet, truly meet our beloved pets needs. Whether is a snuggly warm puppy bed with waterproof liner and a pocket for a heat pad, or a bed for a nervous new rescue or a dog who is terrified of fireworks. What ever their needs I've tried to think of the perfect solution.
Maisey Daisey is about giving back to rescue, we donate 10% of the profit from every single sale, but its also about embracing our own British Manufacturing.
I am proud to say all of our fabrics, beds, blankets, collars and leads are made in the UK.

Supporting Rescues

At Maisey Daisey we are passionate about dogs. With having 4 rescue dogs of our own, we decided we wanted to give back to the rescues that had bought us so much joy.

So we decided Maisey Daisey would be an online pet shop that donates to dog rescue. 10% profit is donated, to dog rescue, from every sale.

We have 3 chosen rescues. Sadies Stray Dogs who rescue stray dogs and cats in Romania. Balto & Co Dog Rescue who help unwanted dogs across the UK. Animal Lifline who are a local rescue that rehomes in Staffordshire and Cheshire. All 3 rescues believe that every dog, puppy, cat & kitten deserve a loving human and a forever home.

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